Tuesday, 8 May 2012

postheadericon Blogging ~Refined Wild~ : Elysium Hynes

 Elysium finding a message in a bottle.

Elysium Hynes was assigned to be one of my bloggers for the Relay for Life Fantasy Faire this year. I was quite impressed with her blog when I was introduced to it, and I was undoubtedly impressed by the work she put into documenting my project and my items, both for the Faire and otherwise.
You see, last year I wasn't all that impressed with how my items were covered by my assigned blogger. In fact, it was my only qualm with my experience of the Faire. It felt like the blogger was only really doing it to fill up their blog, pad out their content and really didn't want to have any fun with it. Elysium completely re-instilled my faith in the bloggers for the event, and absolutely won me over with her creativity.

Now, I'm not really an individual who's 'into' the Second Life blog scene, but I've seen my share of good Second Life blogs, and really awful Second Life blogs. Elysium is apparently very new to the scene, with her Second Life fashion blog 'Sium', but she's already been grabbing quite a bit of attention. I can understand why. She documents well, and her 'SLtographs' are absolutely amazing.

Take a gander at the beautiful images she created using my Mesh items:

From her blog post here. I am wowed by this image.
It doesn't even look like Second Life anymore!

Elysium really did a wonderful job capturing more of what I hoped the
'Paper Boats in a Paper Sea' display would have looked like, in the end. Of course, 
I was unable to use Second Life's regular water for the display, so even if it 
had turned out with this many boats, it still would have lacked the beautiful reflections.

And I'm not exactly sure how she sets her shadows and lighting,
but it makes heavily textured items look intense!

I really think, as a blogger, Elysium went above and beyond anything I had expected for the Faire this year. She took what I had, had a blast with it and turned around with exciting and visually-delicious content. I really hope she'll want to work with more of my stuff in the future, if just for the fantastically lush photos!

Once again, check out her blog: Sium. She's going places. You'll want to be there when she gets to her destination.