Tuesday, 31 July 2012

postheadericon Crystals, Crystals and MORE Crystals! Oh, and Signs.

 In-action crystal snapshot from Relay for Life.

As you can probably guess, I had many inquiries about whether or not I'd be putting my new assets from the Relay for Life event up for sale. My simple answer was: Of course!

You can now purchase the Crystals in 4 flavors: Classic, Blacklight, Pastel and Dark. 85 colors in all. 6 cluster styles (ranging from a 2-4 Prim Equivalent, depending on the cluster) and 3 single crystal styles (1 Prim Equivalent each at rezzed size).

That's a total of 765 separate crystals.

These things can be sized UP HUGE or shrunk down really really tiny. You can mess with the shine, the glow, and even make your own clusters from the single crystals.

Click on the one you like to take you to the Marketplace!

I've also packaged up a nice healthy grouping of the Wooden Signs

These things are pretty neat, due to the fact that I've used multiple materials on extra faces I've placed on the front of the signs. This means, by using the included UV map, you can put your own textures on the signs. Whether or not you need them for instructions, to dispense items, simply to keep people off your lawn or to tell people to "Turn Back!" from your haunted forest, these signs probably have over a hundred uses. Since you can customize them, it's your license to be creative!

Stepping stones will be released a bit later. I've decided to spend some time working on Wylde Style. It needs an entire overhaul. Not to mention some stellar new items.