Saturday, 30 June 2012

postheadericon "Classic" Is The New "Cheap"

So I've been doing some re-pricing and marking down of older Refined Wild builds that were created somewhere between 2005 and 2008. These builds were top quality for their time and sold very well over the course of several years, but I think it's about time they get demoted to prices that better reflect their current quality in accordance to the rest of the market.

Of course, this means good news for the thrifty people out there who like to get quality stuff for a fraction of its original cost!

Considering that I've been making stuff in Second Life for such a long time, over such a long period of time, the age gaps between pieces can become pretty apparent. At least to me, anyway. I may or may not make more aging pieces 'Classic' as time goes on. I think it will really depend on the quality of the piece and whether or not the price fits the form anymore.

I will eventually be doing this to a handful of my older Wylde Styles, as well. Which ones and when? Only time will tell.

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