Sunday, 5 January 2014

postheadericon ~ Refined Wild ~ at .enchantment. - Opens February 1st

If you can guess what the theme of the event is this month, you win!

So I'm going to be sponsoring (and partaking in) in the 2nd Enchantment Fair event, which is going to have a distinct Little Red Riding Hood flavor. There will be exclusive items created and sold at this event.

I likely would've taken part in the last Enchantment event, which revolved around Snow White, but my dear friend Elysium Hynes didn't give me the heads up until the event was about to start, and admissions had been closed.

This is actually pretty exciting for me. Let's just say I know a little too much about the history behind this fairy tale - it's one of the oldest in existence and definitely one of my top favorites.

It seems like most of the creators are pretty wise about the origins of the story, and how the fairy tale actually goes. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone selling content displaying the gorier and scarier parts of this famous horror tale.

While the event opens early for bloggers (it's a very blog-centric event), it won't be open to the public until February 1st. After that, I believe the event goes for about a month.