Tuesday, 31 July 2012

postheadericon Crystals, Crystals and MORE Crystals! Oh, and Signs.

 In-action crystal snapshot from Relay for Life.

As you can probably guess, I had many inquiries about whether or not I'd be putting my new assets from the Relay for Life event up for sale. My simple answer was: Of course!

You can now purchase the Crystals in 4 flavors: Classic, Blacklight, Pastel and Dark. 85 colors in all. 6 cluster styles (ranging from a 2-4 Prim Equivalent, depending on the cluster) and 3 single crystal styles (1 Prim Equivalent each at rezzed size).

That's a total of 765 separate crystals.

These things can be sized UP HUGE or shrunk down really really tiny. You can mess with the shine, the glow, and even make your own clusters from the single crystals.

Click on the one you like to take you to the Marketplace!

I've also packaged up a nice healthy grouping of the Wooden Signs

These things are pretty neat, due to the fact that I've used multiple materials on extra faces I've placed on the front of the signs. This means, by using the included UV map, you can put your own textures on the signs. Whether or not you need them for instructions, to dispense items, simply to keep people off your lawn or to tell people to "Turn Back!" from your haunted forest, these signs probably have over a hundred uses. Since you can customize them, it's your license to be creative!

Stepping stones will be released a bit later. I've decided to spend some time working on Wylde Style. It needs an entire overhaul. Not to mention some stellar new items.

Friday, 20 July 2012

postheadericon Relay for Life :: Committee Campsite and Year Wrap-Up

Click on the banner for the Relay for Life Second Life website.

Relay for Life in Second Life 2012 ended with a donation total of $348,919.

And no, that's not Lindens.

I think everyone was pretty happy with the general outcome this year. While this year was quite a bit less than last year, repeating a donation of over a quarter of a million dollars is definitely nothing to sneeze at.

(If you are interested in knowing how many Linden 
dollars make up $348,919, it's L$87,229,830.)

To all the donators, coordinators, committee members, organizers, builders and teams:

Thank you!

A lovely view of the path into the Second Life Relay For Life Committee campsite.
Now, for the Campsite!

As I explained in my last blog post, I had been asked to bring back "Paper Boats in a Paper Sea" for the main Relay for Life event in Second Life. I think I under-estimated exactly how much it would take to fill 1/4 of a sim without making it look like my shop and art display exploded all over a parcel. I had decided to create custom content for the event. I also had to display the names of the committee members, somehow.

Since I had a strange corner parcel that worked best at a diagonal, I had to wait until I actually saw the parcel in-world before I could begin designing my display. I sketched my draft the day the sims came online.

I had 9 days to complete it.

Issues began cropping up immediately, importing sand sculpts. The technique I used for the Fantasy Faire display, for some odd and unexplained reason, was no longer functioning. Not that this is a surprise. We're in Second Life, after all. I ended up scrapping the sand and decided to just terraform instead. To make matters worse, the entire week we struggled with crippling lag and repeatedly crashing sims. A few times I had to retreat to my Home sim to complete assets and position objects because I could not do it on location.

A group shot of my slav — er, minio — er, helpers and I.
From left to right: Iloh, myself and Saikatsu Epsilon.

Admittedly, most of the time working on the parcel wasn't creating content for it, or managing out how the interactive display would work. It was setting out all the bleeping grass. Grass, stepping stones, flowers, trees. Landscaping. At one point my two helpers (Iloh and Saikatsu Epsilon) and I did nothing for several hours but set out grass. The lag certainly didn't help. Eventually Iloh shoved me aside and decided to take about 75% of the gardening into her own hands, if not more. Thank goodness, too. She did a stunning job!

I love making Second Life look not-so-much like Second Life.

While I'd never seen Iloh do any landscaping before in Second Life, it was as if it came second-nature to her. With minimal instruction and critique on my part, she managed to help churn out exactly what I needed. It took a lot of stress off the fact that I was sleeping in 4-hour chunks and working in 8-9 hour intervals.

 Turned to the most attractive angle.

I made several clusters of stepping stones, customizable wooden signs and some of the most beautiful crystals in Second Life from scratch. All low-prim and customized Level of Detail for optimal performance. I coordinated the positions a few of my sculptures and my new Dancer's Triad. Rocks, plants, particle effects. The finishing touches on the installation itself. We decorated the seating areas with 'chairs' in the form of floating bubbles by HPMD*, and put out some of their wonderful trees and bushes. The crystals were a mad dash (I created them in 8 hours) but they were worth it. They definitely tied everything together.

The last object was placed at 5:56 AM July 14th. 4 hours shy of the start of the event.

Yay! We DID IT!

Surprisingly, I managed to stay awake and coherent long enough to witness the opening of the event.

Then I took a 12-hour nap.

I've now updated with a simple photo gallery for those who want to see more:

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

Thursday, 5 July 2012

postheadericon "Paper Boats in a Paper Sea" Returning With Second Life Relay For Life


Click on the banner for the Relay for Life Second Life website.

I have officially nine days to finish my display for Second Life's major Relay for Life event.

I have never done this event before, and I am stoked.

40 sims large (that's a lot of sims) and packed with artistic displays and themed events, users follow a gigantic track that spans through the sims in a large circle. Users continue to raise money and follow the track over a 24 hour period.

I've been invited to display on one of the major campgrounds along the side of the track. Once more, Kadmon Wytchwood and his incredible scripting talents is making sure "Paper Boats in a Paper Sea" can return for the 24 hour event!

As the event only lasts a day, people won't have enough time to customize their own boat textures, so the boats are being limited to a dedication that will broadcast over instant messages.
After you make your donation to the vendor and receive your boat, you'll be able to wear your boat and click on it. This will rez a boat that will go out on the water. Follow the instructions to make your dedication with a chat command, and click on the water to place your boat. The boat will then remain on the water until the end of the event.

If there is one grid-wide event that I can completely get behind, it's Relay for Life in Second Life. Many donation events in Second Life are questionable in terms of where the donations actually go. There are quite a few individuals who have used donation events in Second Life as a means to scam residents, taking their money for charity and transferring it right into their own bank accounts.

Relay for Life in Second Life is one of the handful of charity events that are not only backed by the American Cancer Society, but use very specific donation vendors that go directly to their custom-legacy-name avatars (in other words, avatars with last names given specifically by Linden Lab), which you can obtain from the American Cancer Society's very own in-world sim.

If you're interested in joining the in-world event on July 14-15th, be sure to check out the Relay for Life in Second Life website. It's sure to be a lot of fun, with themed walks every hour and prizes for most outrageous costume or how many times you can lap the track in the 24 hour period.


Oh, and I almost forgot! The Nightly Netting from my Relay for Life: Fantasy Faire 2012 display is now on sale. I'm not exactly sure when I'm going to get the skybox finished, as it's been giving me 'issues',  but we'll see once this current event is over.

- Hooked Lanterns -

I also released the lanterns from my 'Dancer's Triad' separately and seemed to forget about announcing it. They're $30L for a set of 3 sizes. So if you need some cheap mesh hanging lanterns, they're definitely something to pick up.