Sunday, 2 February 2014

postheadericon .enchantment. - Now Open! Exclusive ~ Refined Wild ~ Items Available Until February 28th!

"You go this way, I'll go that," said the Bzou. "And we'll see who gets there first."
Enchantment is now open to the general public, providing everything you could ever want for all of your Red Riding Hood related needs. As usual, all items are exclusive to this round of Enchantment - including two of my very own products, each up for sale at $200L apiece.

I am one of the very few (read: excruciatingly few) creators that have made something that is specifically male-centric; however, even at that, I've seen more than one female avatar sporting the Big Bad Bloody Bzou mask since the event opened on February 1st. One of the bloggers told me the Big Bad Bloody Bzou stole the show - and perhaps that's sheer flattery - but it's flattery my ego accepts without hesitation.
(Especially considering the work that went into that thing.) 
The mask that looks amazing with a bit of red lipstick applied is called A Little Bit Red. It's been utilized quite a bit more than the formerly mentioned Bzou mask in the awesome SLtography plastered all over Enchantment's Flickr Page.

I took the above two images myself. I'm not exactly sure how my SLtography stacks up compared to others. I'm far more used to taking product photos, and displaying true-to-form images as to how the objects appear in-world - not making them look all fancy and frilly and filtered in Photoshop. I'm actually surprised how little post-processing I did on the 2nd above image, now that Second Life supports Normal and Specular maps (oh god finally why did that take so long oh good god why) - I only adjusted the contrast on that one.

And now for some SLtography from other bloggers (in the order in which they were shown to me):

Okay, I'm putting Elysium's first for obvious reasons. She even used my "Pins & Needles" display for her background. Gorgeous composition and a wonderful means of showing off the product. I saw this one and went "Wow.".

Tekila used Big Bad Bloody Bzou in droves. I don't think she used A Little Bit Red. At all. Which is amazing. I'm so happy and pleased that she loved this mask. She took many pictures, and wrote a little story revolving around the wolf-head. She used it as a literal wolf-head - which possibly makes her usage of it even better.

I think this is one of Anika Bellissimo's better usages of color in her set of photos. She's definitely showing off the products how they should be seen, in the right set of tones. I like how the bright blue dress and tan boots go with the red in the mask, even though it's a quirky combination.

Natsumi Kanjon is another blogger that created an image that made my eyebrows bounce. She totally "got" how I wanted the mask to look under the hood of the cloak. The "placed" eyes in the Bzou mask is a bit freaky (which is fine - the wolf should be freaky!), as the eye holes will fall on your avatar's eyes, but I understand that there would've been major clipping issues if she hadn't moved it upward, to get that position to work - so good problem solving on her part!

As mentioned before, these items will only be available (at least in their current size, shape and color) until the end of the event. Fill your wolf-sized Red Riding Hood appetite while you can!

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