Saturday, 3 May 2014

postheadericon One Way, Or Another ...

... I'm gonna Gacha, Gacha, Gacha, Gacha!

Now that I've successfully embedded a 90's pop song into your subdermal thinking apparatus, I'm going to take a moment to introduce you to my first set of Gacha items (ever!) for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival event opening this Sunday, May 4th.

Since this FGC's theme was '"F" for Fashion', naturally, I made FANS!

"Classic" fan style.

"Paddle" fan style.

Not only are these fans 100% Original Mesh, they are also fully animated (on touch) and are Mod/Copy Tradable. (Details included for Mod/Copy Trade.) At a staggeringly reasonable $25L Per Play, the only winning move for this FANtastic Gacha is to refrain from thinking twice and play anyway!

Remember to stop by the sim Acerbus Silva on or after Sunday, May 4th to grab your very own Fantastic Fantasy Fan!